Who is Mahima Pushkarna?

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If you’ve been wondering who is Mahima Pushkarna, then you’ve come to the right place. The information designer for Google designs human-centered experiences and interactions. She is currently completing her master’s degree in information design & visualization at Northeastern University. Read on to learn more about her work. Interested in learning more about her background? Continue reading to learn more about Mahima Pushkarna’s education and background.

Mahima Pushkarna is an information designer at Google

Mahima Pushkarna joined Google five years ago with a passion for making data more understandable. She has worked on several projects that combine research and design, including creating data visualizations. Before joining Google, Pushkarna was an interaction designer at MIT’s Mobile Experience Laboratory and Ion Interactive. At both companies, she has gained valuable experience in data visualization and user experience. She is currently working as a visual designer for Google.

Before joining Google, Mahima Pushkarna worked at Innovation by Design and the MIT Design Lab. She also developed self-evolving visualization tools at Ion Interactive. Mahima has a Masters of Fine Arts in Information Design and Data Visualization from Northeastern University. As an undergraduate, she studied design at the University of Michigan and in Bangalore, India. She is passionate about combining art and science, using the tools of technology to make the world a better place.

She designs human-centered experiences and interactions

Mahima Pushkarna is a UX Designer at Google, a company that strives to create products that are intuitive, usable, and fair. Her work has included designing Data Cards that make it easier for users to understand context for information in their feeds. Additionally, her research includes putting Google’s AI Principles into practice by creating interactive Data Cards that provide opportunities for feedback, relevant explanations, and appeals. Her work has been acknowledged with a paper that was accepted to the ACM FAccT convention.

In addition to her work at Google, Mahima also has experience working in the industry. In 2016 she completed her MFA in Information Design and Visualization at MIT. As part of Google’s People + AI research initiative, she is exploring the future of design and the productization of machine learning. She has extensive experience working across design disciplines and has led numerous projects integrating research and strategy. She has also worked at MIT’s Mobile Experience Laboratory and Ion Interactive.

She graduated in 2010

Mahima Pushkarna is a multidisciplinary designer from Bangalore, India. Since graduating from Srishti School of Art in 2010, she has worked on numerous projects in the fields of print, web, and space design. Her research interests include community-specific digital dialects, design-driven innovation, and creating inclusive spaces. She also serves on the board of directors for The Future of Design and the Association of Industrial Designers of India.

She is currently completing her masters in information design & visualization at Northeastern University

As an information designer, Mahima Pushkarna is thrilled to join the Department of Art and Design at CAMD. She has recently graduated with her MFA in Information Design & Visualization and is excited to join the department. In addition to teaching the information design and visual analytics course, Mahima hopes to provide students with a broad understanding of the field. She hopes to inspire students to explore different visual techniques for data storytelling.

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