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Windows 12 Release Date, Microsoft is currently working on a new version of Windows. It will support HDR, receive feature updates every few months, and be free. What can you expect from it? Read on to find out. The next major version of Windows from Microsoft is set to arrive in 2018.

Microsoft is working on a new version of Windows 11

If you’re interested in upgrading your operating system, Microsoft is working on a new version of its popular Windows operating system. The new version will come with several improvements, including the Start menu’s new design, which will keep it close to your desktop. The Start button will be moved to the center of the taskbar. Windows 11 also features new gestures for controlling Windows and arranging application windows. Android apps will be available in the Amazon Appstore, as well. Windows 12 Release Date, Feature updates for Windows 11 will come annually.

The main update to Windows is Windows 11. This new version of Windows will bring the infamous “Blue Screen of Death” back. It also brings a fresh look to several core Windows apps, including the calculator and the Snipping Tool. It will also reintroduce the legendary “Blue Screen of Death” error warning. Windows 11 is currently being rolled out to PCs that meet the minimum hardware requirements.

Other improvements in the latest version of Windows include an in-progress call window and the ability to remove the clock. Microsoft Teams integration with Windows 10 has received mixed reviews. Another big change is that Edge browser tabs will show up in the Task Manager. They will be accompanied by GPU and crashpad data. The icon will also replace the generic “star” in private browsing sessions. In addition to all these new features, Windows 11 will feature a brand new “Widgets” button.

The new version of Windows is intended to be more touch-friendly. Unlike the current version of Windows, it will act more like a tablet. It will have a larger touch target and visual cues. Windows 12 Release Date, A major feature of Windows 11 is its ability to run Android apps on the platform. Microsoft is also collaborating with Amazon to bring Google Play games to the new version of Windows. These changes will allow PC users to play their favorite games without the use of emulators.

The new version of Windows will come with an annual feature update cadence, releasing in the second half of the year. This means that it will come with 36 months of support for its Home and Pro versions. It will include new experiences and integrated security features. It will follow the same Windows cumulative update process, known as Patch Tuesday. In addition, monthly updates will continue to contain previous patches for Windows. It is also important to note that Windows 11 will not support older models if they do not have an Intel Smart Sound Technology, which causes the Blue Screen of Death.

It will receive feature updates every few months

During the past year, Microsoft has been rolling out new features and functionality through a series of Feature Updates, or security patches. These updates may take several hours to install, depending on the network speed, version of the device, and other factors. While these updates are optional, you can delay them by up to 18 months. Windows 12 Release Date, The update period will increase if you delay it past the recommended time. You can also choose not to receive any feature updates, if you wish.

In addition to bug fixes and performance improvements, Microsoft has announced a new release schedule for Windows 12. This new version will be free and will receive feature updates every few months. Microsoft has not confirmed that this release schedule will change, but it does appear to be a significant change from the previous approach. Microsoft previously planned to release Windows 12 only once a year, but recently changed their internal testing process. Instead of testing only finalized features, Windows Insiders are now testing more prototype features.

The next major version of Windows will be released in 2024. Microsoft never dismisses criticism about releasing new versions of Windows every three years. Microsoft has decided to go back to its normal three-year cycle, and will continue to release new features outside of its major releases. This means that Windows 12 will have feature updates every few months instead of every three years. However, users will have to wait until 2024 to receive the next one, which is slated for fall 2024.

Security features will be even more important in the future. Windows 11 was criticized for its hardware requirements, but these are not expected to change in Windows 12. Microsoft is focusing on security features as it becomes more important. Hence, the new version of Windows will require a recent chip, four GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and a 720p display. It is also unlikely to require a processor with a higher price tag, so you may need to upgrade your PC before you see it.

It will support HDR

The new version of Microsoft Windows will support HDR. The new features are useful for those who have a high-resolution monitor and want to get the most out of it. Auto HDR will automatically apply HDR effects to photos and videos. To turn on HDR, users must be on Windows 10, but they can enable it from the Control Panel. Once enabled, Windows will display a message if anything on your PC is HDR-compatible.

Microsoft said that games will support AutoHDR, but not all games are compatible. Windows 12 Release Date, It recommends playing games that support DirectX 11 and 12, such as Far Cry 4, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Monster Hunter Online, and Rise of the Tomb Raider. You’ll also be able to play most of the games available on Windows Store as well. The new feature will be ready for Windows 12 in the coming year.

The new version of Windows will support HDR, but you should make sure your monitor is HDR-compatible. For now, you’ll need an HDR-compatible monitor. The Windows Game Bar will now show HDR compatibility when it is enabled. However, some users found the Auto HDR notifications to be excessive. The solution to that is to turn off the Auto HDR notifications by going to Settings, System, and Notifications.

Auto HDR is currently only available on PCs, but you can also get HDR on Xbox and PlayStation devices. The problem is that Auto HDR is not supported by all games and the games that support it might not be compatible with your Windows system. Windows 12 Release Date, The Auto HDR feature is intended for games that support HDR, so it should be compatible with SDR games and even some HDR games. It is still unclear whether Xbox and PlayStation devices will support HDR, but the new version of Windows will eventually support it.

In addition to Auto HDR, Windows 11 will also feature built-in HDR. This feature was first introduced on Xbox Series X and S gaming consoles by Microsoft. Auto HDR automatically updates the screen’s color and brightness to provide better gaming graphics. The new feature is not mandatory on Windows 11.

It will be available for free

When Windows 12 launches next year, users will be able to enjoy a new look. The Windows search box will now include previews to give a better idea of what to expect. When you search for a song, for example, you’ll get more information than just the song title, like the file location. Applications, on the other hand, will show several actions in the results. All of these changes will make Windows 12 a better platform for users.

Microsoft is planning to release Windows 12 on Oct. 17, 2024, but the unique date has not yet been announced. The release date is expected to occur sometime between October 2024 and mid-2020. Microsoft typically releases a new version of windows every few years as a way to increase revenue, so the free upgrade might be offered to all users. Windows 12 Release Date, If you’re unsure if your computer is ready for the upgrade, you can manually check with Windows Update to see when you’ll be notified.

Microsoft plans to release Windows 12 free of charge at launch, which would mean that users will be able to download the new version for free. While the launch date for Windows 12 is not yet official, it’s expected to be released between April and October of 2022. Microsoft is also planning to release Windows 12 for free on October 29 of 2024. Regardless of when it arrives, it’s worth checking out. This is a major upgrade to Windows 10, and one you should definitely take advantage of.

Windows 12 Launch 2024

Once your computer has received the update, it’s time to download it. Microsoft’s website has links to download the latest Windows version. You can also download the Windows 12 installer to a physical media such as a USB stick. You can also use this USB stick to restore Windows if your system experiences a problem. The installer for Windows 12 will require a Microsoft account. However, the installation process is simple.

Microsoft is releasing multiple updates to fix bugs and improve its software. One of these is Windows 12 Lite ISO. The update is available for free for Windows Insiders in a preview ring until it is officially released. This build contains major new features and optimizations for new devices. It also fixes bugs and improves animated wallpapers. When it hits general release, computers built after the end of 2017 will be preinstalled with Windows 12.

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