Why Marketers Struggle to Learn Digital Marketing

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Like many other professions, digital marketing calls for a foundational set of complex skills that can be mastered relatively quickly and a lengthier list of career traits that may take years to perfect. However, the fundamentals are doable regarding what it takes to enter the field and start working as a Digital Marketer.

Can You Self-Learn Digital Marketing? 

Yes, you can master the fundamentals of digital marketing on your own. However, since the field is constantly changing, this may not be the ideal option. In fact, over the past few years, digital marketing courses and boot camps have grown in popularity. As a means of assisting ambitious marketers in keeping up with the market and comprehending how the newest trends and technology may contribute to organisational achievement. 

After all, learning how to use a specific piece of software may take a few days. However, figuring out how to reach your followers on Twitter instead of Instagram, for example, will take considerably longer.

  • How to leverage content marketing to generate traffic
  • How to use technology to construct more effective and impactful campaigns
  • How to best match the material you’re producing to the platform it appears

These are three of the trickiest areas for a beginner digital marketer.

Gaining an Understanding of Successful Content Creation 

While content marketing isn’t a new concept, it is still one of the most common. BrainStation’s Digital Skills Survey data indicates that content marketing is the most popular channel for digital marketers. Because 79% of marketing specialists including content in their plan. Content strategy was citing as another main focus by survey participants.

It’s difficult to dismiss the power of content marketing when it’s done well. According to research, 70% of consumers prefer to learn about a brand through content rather than through an advertisement. Customers should be engaged by content in a way that gives value since this fosters connections beyond one-way sales communication.

Although content marketing can be successful, creating a content strategy might be more time-consuming than other types of marketing. Additionally, it can take six to nine months before you start to see returns. It takes time to create original material. For these reasons, 62% of the time, according to one source, businesses wishing to develop a solid strategy that consistently delivers opt to outsource content creation. 

Therefore, even if it can be a challenging skill to perfect. Having a sense of what makes content marketing effective can make you essential to almost any firm. Whether you’re producing it yourself or managing its commission.

Understanding How to Use User Data 

An invaluable source of valuable insights, the mountains of user data that analytics systems generate can be time-consuming to comb through and challenging to know what you’re searching for. Therefore, it should not be surprising that digital marketers believe artificial intelligence will have the most significant impact on their industry in the years to come, according to BrainStation’s Digital Skills Survey. No matter what business you’re in, there seems to be a constant discussion about artificial intelligence (AI), but now, research is showing how AI will impact the marketing world.

A recent study from Accenture found that 73% of customers prefer to buy from retailers that offer a personalised experience, and 86% of customers report that personalisation influences their purchasing decisions. According to a recent report from IBM, 94% of businesses believe personalisation is the key to future success. This supports the premise that AI-driven personalisation can increase marketing spend ROI correctly.

The enormous volumes of data available to businesses enable Marketers to go beyond simple segmentation and build highly tailored campaigns, which account for much of AI’s value to digital marketers. This level of targeting results in more effective campaigns but calls for a specialised skill set and a lot of work.

Creating Native Content with Social Media in Mind 

Every social media network has its eccentricities, as we’ve already alluded to. Platform differences include how serious a tone you should adopt, whether to emphasise text or images and even how much client engagement is appropriate. It takes a lot of effort and careful attention to adjust to various social media sites and “find your voice.”

The risks are possibly most significant when it comes to video because it has the potential to be the most powerful but also requires the most work to produce. Additionally, despite being frequently regarded as a part of content marketing, video is in many respects a distinct species.

In the US, YouTube is currently the most popular social networking site. 94% of Americans between the ages of 18 and 24 and 73% of American adults use Youtube, according to Pew Research. You cannot afford to overlook that group of people. Video is also a potent force on other social media; in fact, video is sharing on social media generally 1,200% more frequently than text and images (including TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram Stories). All of this implies that producing social media content is not at all straightforward. It could involve some investment and always requires a thorough understanding of how to match medium and message.

These are only the top three challenges in digital marketing right now; tomorrow, there will undoubtedly be others. 

Therefore, there is no clear response to the question of how tough it is to master digital marketing, as there are many creative industries. Most people can pick up the basics in a few months. The specialised online boot camps like BrainStation’s can teach you the essential technical skills you need to start working in digital marketing in just 12 weeks. However, it’s a field that enables you to master new soft skills over time, better understand your audience, and change with the digital landscape.

To ensure that their investments of time and money from their employers have the most significant possible impact, even seasoned digital marketers regularly update their skills. Therefore, trying to take a digital marketing course Malaysia.

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