Smock Dresses and The Different Footwear Ideas to Pair Them Up

smock dresses for women
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There are days when you do not feel like wearing a body fitting cloth and flaunt you curves but at the same time you desire to look chic and beautiful too. This isn’t something impossible that you desire for. Smock dresses for women, fit and flare dresses, maxi dresses, etc are all the dresses that you would be looking for on such days. They are your constant companion on days when you are travelling, when you are joining your group for a beach party, a lunch date or even on casual days when you are just heading out for some grocery shopping, such easy and comfy dresses are the answer to all your questions.

If you are short or petite bodies, then then your pencil heels come to your rescue. They not only add height to your overall look but also make you look elegant at the same time. These dresses are mostly made of either heavy linen or of wool which makes it a considerable option for being worn in the winters as well. These dresses not only give you a comfortable and classy look for also reflects your feminine side too. For days when you have along day ahead and you are planning to travel or even simply have plans to go on a trek or something, trust me there can be nothing better than these smock dresses. They will keep you free all day long with that fresh and comfortable feeling all day long.

Different Footwears to Match Your Occasions

The smock dresses need not be changed as they will all give you the same kind of look. All you can do is to change your footwears and give your outfits a different look every time you step out.

Suede Boots

These suede boots are the most loved of all the boots that you see today. They give you a gentle and classy look and adds to the grace of the dress. You can easily pair up these boots with your maxi dresses online and go out for evening parties or for office parties. These boots will completely level up your dressing game every time that you step out.


Planned an outing with friends and not in mood of wearing something fitted and compact, just go for your floral smock dress in the wardrobe and pair them up with your sneakers. They are not only you life saviours when on a rough path but will also save your day by adding the funky and cool look to your outfit.

Pencil Heels

These pencil heels are the absolute favourite of almost all the ladies out there. They add a very different grace and femininity to your overall look and posture. But, since these may not be comfortable for a longer day ahead, try pairing them up with your smock dress when on a date night or go a private party to attend which are of relatively short duration.

Flip- Flops

These flip- flops are the comfiest footwear that you can ever think of. They can be paired up with your dress whenever you are either not in mood to dress up extensively or are just out for getting your groceries an d other items sorted. Just get into them casually and step out with utmost confidence and zero maintenance. These are the best footwear that one can get on whenever comfort is on the top of your priority list.

Knee-Length Boots

These knee- length boots are the classic and the all-time favourites of the ladies. Winters without these boots are without fun. These knee- length boots are your absolute go to pairing up foot wear idea when heading for a concert of a night show. The woollen animal print maxi dresses and these boots will keep you warm enough for the night and at the same time provide you wit the comfort and fashion too.

Summing Up

The smock dresses have been in fashion for a long time now and what makes them still relatable and trending is the comfort provided by them. Try pairing them up with various footwear of your choice and see how your dress turns into a new one!

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