How Much Do Letting Agents Charge to Manage a Property?

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Houses to Rent Dundee, Letting agents are a useful way of finding tenants for your property, but they can also be expensive. Often, they charge for different services depending on their level of service.

All letting agents must register with the Scottish Government’s Register of Letting Agents and comply with a code of practice. They must also display their registration number.

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When it comes to managing a property, there are many different services that letting agents offer. The service you choose will depend on your individual needs and how hands-on you are as a landlord.

Some letting agents will offer a full management service, which will cover everything from tenant finding to rent collection and maintenance. However, this will come at a price.

Letting agents typically charge a percentage of the rental income that you receive, with the average fee being around 10%. It is important to shop around and compare fees across different agencies to ensure you are getting a good deal.

Whether you are planning to let your property or want to find a letting agent to help you, it is crucial to get a professional rental valuation done. Houses to Rent Dundee,  This will give you a realistic idea of what you can expect to earn in rent. As well as ensuring your property is priced accurately within the market.

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It is important to do a thorough search for a letting agent, so you can be sure they are registered and regulated. They should be members of the Scottish Government’s Register of Letting Agents and comply with a code of practice.

If you are not happy with the way your letting agent is managing your property, you can complain to them in writing. If the complaint is upheld by a tribunal, they will issue an enforcement order, which tells the letting agent to do something to fix it.

This could include reducing the rent, removing tenants, changing the security deposit or arranging to have repairs carried out. If the agent doesn’t comply with the order, they could be banned from doing any more letting agency work in Scotland.

You may also be able to use the ombudsman. Houses to Rent Dundee, This is an independent organization that will help you if you have a problem with your letting agent.

A letting agent can also be fined by the council if they break the law, so make sure to check their registration with the council before deciding to use them.

Tenancy Agreements

When you’re negotiating a tenancy agreement with a letting agent, make sure they tell you everything that you’ll have to pay. This includes the deposit, fees and a ‘holding deposit’ to reserve the property for you. You should also check whether the letting agency is registered with the government’s Register of Letting Agents.

Letting agents are required by law to display a full list of their fees online and in branches – this is called the “Tenancy Fees Act” and came into force on June 1 2020. They must also let you know if they’re a member of a redress scheme.

The government’s redress scheme is a free and independent way for tenants to lodge complaints about letting agencies. If you’re unhappy with your agent, it’s worth asking them to sign up to one of these schemes.

However, a redress scheme doesn’t guarantee your complaint will be resolved. So it’s always a good idea to find out how your agent deals with complaints before you sign a tenancy agreement.

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If you’re not happy with the letting agent, it’s also worth contacting the council or your local trading standards service to see if they can help. They’ll be able to advise you on the best course of action.

You can also use websites such as Gumtree, OpenRent and SpareRoom to find a tenant for your property. These sites are a great way to get a cheaper property and don’t require you to use a letting agent.

Some letting agents offer fully managed services, which include advertising your property, finding a tenant, dealing with the tenancy and organising a property inspection. This is a cost effective option for landlords who want to let their property but don’t have time to deal with the day-to-day management.

But before you hire a letting agent, make sure they have the experience and knowledge of the area you’re renting in. They can also help you negotiate better prices and terms for your tenancy agreement.

Generally speaking, most letting agents charge at least an introduction fee and then a management commission on top of this. This can range from 5% to 15% of rent + VAT.


The amount you pay to have your property managed depends on the level of service you receive. Some agents offer a full service, including rent collection and repairs and maintenance. They will also help you find new tenants and run credit checks, collect deposits and draw up tenancy agreements.

A typical charge is around 10% of the rent plus VAT.   It can be a lot more if you live in a remote area or use an online or hybrid letting agent. Some agents charge a flat fee, while others will quote you a monthly fee that varies depending on your letting requirements and the type of property you have.

Letting agencies in Scotland are legally required to join the Scottish Government’s Register of Letting Agents.  Itcomply with a Letting Agent Code of Practice. They are also responsible for registering any properties they manage with the appropriate authorities and complying with a set of health and safety guidelines.

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One of the best ways to save money on your letting bills is to make sure your property is maintained correctly. This could mean a lick of paint or re-laying carpets every few years. It might also be worth getting a gas safety certificate or replacing your smoke alarms.

In fact, some letting agents will even take care of all these tasks for you. Saving you time and stress in the long run. A good letting agent should know all about the property and be able to recommend someone with the right skills. Qualifications and experience to do the job.

In addition to the aforementioned, you should make sure that you have a proper inventory of your property, a good quality meter reading and a gas safe inspection. These are all a must if you want to let your Edinburgh property for long term rental.

Rent Collection

When you’re looking for a letting agent. First thing you need to do is figure out how much they charge. This will vary between letting agents but is largely determined by their location and the type of service they offer.

Some letting agents will only find tenants for you. But others will handle all aspects of managing your property. From tenant finding to rent collection and even dealing with maintenance issues. It’s important to decide which service you want and choose the right letting agency for you. As they can save you time and stress.

They can also help you avoid scams and fraud. Check their license, membership with a trade body and any code of practice they’re required to adhere to.

A letting agent’s fee will depend on the service they offer. Including how many properties they manage and whether they will take full responsibility for arranging everything for you.  Some only manage a certain part of your property. Some will charge a one-off fee to get started. Others will require you to sign a contract and pay them a percentage of your monthly rent.

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The letting agent should be responsible for protecting your deposit. So they should use one of the government-approved schemes (Deposit Protection Service, MyDeposits or Tenancy Deposit Scheme). If they’re not, you can report them to Trading Standards.

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